Social & Community

Social & Community

We are committed to protecting and conserving the environment that our business operates in.


We are committed to protecting and conserving the environment that our business operates in.

Initiatives have been taken to develop buildings which comply with the guidelines set by the local building authorities as we adopt strategies that are socially responsible by incorporating more greenery, landscaping, better facilities and innovative house design into our projects to improve the quality of the environment.

The Group has also adopted the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) in Quality Management and Environmental Management.

Communities Involvement

Corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) is embedded in our corporate culture and forms an integral part of our business direction. We are guided by our belief that the inclusion of community interests into our business processes supports the long term interests of our company and our stakeholders.

With our proactive approach to promote CSR, we seek to elevate our corporate image and attract investors. As we place greater value to social inclusiveness and integration, this would also provide the platform for our employees to work in positive workplace to boost employee engagement and increase productivity at work.

We strongly encourage our employees to recycle items and reduce wastage through donation of unwanted usable items and participate in volunteering activities. We believe that when our employees contribute their time and effort to worthy causes, they would in turn develop professionally and personally, with a greater sense of purpose.


The Group provides opportunities for employees to improve their skills set and knowledge to increase workplace productivity and job satisfaction. Employees attended seminars and training programmes covering areas on Audit, Accounting, Taxation, Project Management and Corporate Governance Compliance.

The Group also embarked on Occupation Safety and Health Programmes to raise awareness amongst our employees on the importance of adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. The Group strives to fulfil the rights and obligations of employees in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Employees also actively engage themselves through social and recreational interaction and employee bonding activities.